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Enter Yes Ltd. was established in Belfast 2014 to produce mature high end animation and visual effects for film and documentary within a growing global market. Since its UK incorporation Enter Yes Ltd. has generated over £1.6 million of sales and funding within the animation, visual effects and Video Games industry. During 2018 Enter yes opened its first non UK based headquarters on Parnell street, Dublin, however its main operations, HQ and studio talent remain UK based on Donegall Street, Belfast.


What is Enter Yes Ltd’s vision and USP?? 


At Enter Yes we focus solely on understanding and dealing with mature, emotional and sensitive content. We create completing and profound and rich visual journeys at the highest of industry standards. This experience and focus has allowed us to articulate and discuss sensitive and completing animation efficiently and effectively and allows us produce award winning sequences that strive to reach audiences in the most captivating manor.  Our studio resources, recruitment strategy and internal art team allow us to build and maintain teams that suit the project regardless of medium, platform or subject. All artists at Enter Yes Ltd.  become part of the Enter Yes ethos and culture tasks where we overlap responsibilities allowing for consistent results with an ever maturing and changing team.


Enter Yes Ltd. is divided into two complimentary departments and revenue streams that avail of its experience, culture, investment and resources.


The Enter Yes - Service Team and the Enter Yes - Product Team.


Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team.


Enter Yes Ltd. confidently sits outside the saturated kids animation market in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with our mission and vision to continue producing mature animation and visual effects primarily for Film, Documentary, and Video Games. The animation produced by Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team can be stand alone sequences offering a complete end to end narrative or fragmented sequences that weave seamlessly within a Documentary, Film, or Video Game. The Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team pipeline and recruited talent is shaped to produce animated content for a client directly or to act as a department part of a larger external production team during pre production, production or post production.


Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team is medium and platform agnostic offering its service to Film, Documentary and Video Games simultaneously. What ties our content together between mediums and platforms is a respect for a high end professional service at all times and a passion for producing animation and visual effects that is mature, emotional and sensitive in nature.


Some examples of the Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team work, clients and awards are listed below



Enter Yes Ltd. – Product Team.


In 2017 Enter Yes Ltd. formed the Enter Yes Ltd. – Product Team to add value to the Enter Yes brand and generate additional revenue streams and stability. Staying true to the core values and culture of Enter Yes Ltd. we target the games industry as a global industry with an sizable appetite and sustainable market for mature animated story content. This new targeted global audience brings additional forms Enter Yes Ltd. Sales, collaboration, sustainability and foreign direct investment.


Within the Video Games industry the Enter Yes Ltd. – Product Team strives to produce mature, thought provoking, narrative driven action/adventure games using its bespoke adventure and combat system developed in-house.


In 2017 Enter Yes Ltd. Successful signed its first Video games Product Before the Blood with support from Northern Ireland Screen to London Based Video Games publisher Green Man Gaming.


Please click here to find out more about Before the Blood



Enter Yes Ltd. – Service Team Examples.


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